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In 1885, Alfred Richard and his brother, both from Massachussets, were working for Hyde. They came to Canada in 1890 to explore the market, bringing with them Hyde's know-how to finally established their company in St-Denis-sur-Richelieu. In 1942, the Grégoire and Panfili families bought the Richard's business wanting to follow the family tradition. Then they moved it to Berthierville where it still is today. In 1997, a group of third-generation members of the Grégoire and Panfili families bought the business out of the second- and first-generation owners.

Then, in 2006, A. Richard acquired Roultech (manufacturer and distributor of paintbrushes and rollercovers). By adding Roultech's expertise (the company was founded in 1988) to A. Richard's experience in development and its marketing force, the perfect team was created and ready to conquer the applicator market.

Today, the company employs more than 150 people and makes more than 1200 products sold in fourteen countries. We are amongst the most important world manufacturers of hand tools, producing 12 millions of them each year, among which 3,5 millions are joint knives, drywall tools, and scrapers that fit the particular needs of workers.

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Our mission

A Richard : compagnyProduce and distribute unique and innovative products that lead the hand tool category of coating preparation and application.

A Richard : compagnyMake the task easier for the user

A Richard : compagnyBe the best manager of the category for our clients: have a wide range of high quality products; fast delivery, high fill rate, great profitability, perfect shipping and a high level of stock circulation

Our Vision

A Richard : compagny Our trademark must be the leader of Canada's DIY market and of professional preparation and application tools.

A Richard : compagny Be the top manufacturer and distributor with a complete series of coating preparation and application tools in North America.

Our commitment

At A. Richard, we value quality, expertise and service. That is why every product has been carefully developed to answer the various and most demanding needs. Comfortable, practical and lasting, A. Richard’s tools undoubtedly help make a job well done. Our commitment is clear: keep a high quality standard so that each time you use one of our tools, you know it is the best choice.

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